18k Jade Cuff Bangle Bracelet Modernist


Solid 18k bangle bracelet handmade by our craftsman two decades ago.

Set with a thick dark green mottled jade, this piece was made for a lady who can no longer fit its petite proportions 🙂

The structure and the weight of the centrepiece naturally wears the bangle bracelet like a cuff.

When worn on the wrist it showcases the jade’s strength and modernist beauty. The allure on a small wrist is obvious.

The bangle will fit a 6" wrist widest.

The dark green jade is very unique, less like typical jade with an artistic marbling aesthetic. This was very hard to source in a thick slab, as thinner jade will not work on a cuff.

We first worked on a thick continuous bangle, with three leftover pieces for possible extension into earrings and a ring perhaps.

The back half of the bangle is forged like a watch bracelet, the nice part being all hinges (12) freely articulate. This was very challenging to do, but the result equally metaphysical as there is a great ‘athleticism’ to the bangle.

Two outermost corners are accented with diamonds, approximately 1ctw in total, to add subtle shimmer to green and gold.

For the lucky one with a wrist to match, this will be a joyful piece to wear.

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