20k Burmese Ruby Diamond Earrings Antique


20k antique Chinese earrings set with natural Burmese rubies in diamond clusters.

The Burmese rubies weigh 3.6ctw in all. The red is striking, one ruby brighter than the other, though they are a set.

The diamonds are early rose cut diamonds, all hand cleaved with uneven facets and a primitive roundness.

These earrings are 1900s or older.

When worn on the earlobes, the lever back will be hidden almost completely. This has the effect of wearing stud earrings, except for bigger ‘studs’ like these they do not weigh on the ears. You can also imagine each 2cm cluster feels like they are afloat.

These earrings were very tedious to make, then and now!

Like the ring in the set, these Straits Chinese earrings are very similar to Georgian earrings. We very rarely see these style-specific pieces in the region. They are much lesser of them compared to Georgian pieces.

These earrings are for lovers of antique jewelry and craftsmanship. It is hard to imagine a modern pair of halo earrings to come anywhere close, even in a hundred years.

Please have a look at the ring that came as a set.

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