Antique Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings 20k


Antique cluster studs set with approximately 3.4ctw old cut diamonds.

The diamonds are very white and clean, unusual because they are not modern brilliant cuts but a transitional brilliant cut.

Cluster studs are hard to be perfect, especially if the cluster is made up of small diamonds, but this pair is quite distinct. Each diamond may be only 2.5mm, but together 21 diamonds wrap together like the crown of a cake – it is delicious like this. There are 42 diamonds in all.

The studs are actually flat, as you can see from one sideview photo, but some diamonds are pushed up and others very slightly down so the whole cluster appears domed. The outermost diamonds are slightly bigger than the inner diamonds, a technique creating an illusion of folding backwards…

so the earrings look like dahlias!

This is a very charming pair of Straits Chinese earrings, made probably between the ’30s and the ’50s, honing to perfection Victorian and Straits Chinese jewellery styles.

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