Crescent Imperial Jade Huggie Earrings 22k


Possibly a first ever minimalist pair of Asian-influenced earrings set with natural, untreated jadeite jade in 22k.

These earrings are entirely hand-built from scratch, by us, in Singapore, a product of our love for eras old Chinese huggie earrings.

When you wear these type of huggies, they fall wherever your piercing falls, hugging the earlobes ‘nonchalantly’.

The trick we’ve learned from old Chinese huggie earrings is the hoop is only visible by profile, but this is precisely its aesthetic, beauty with a suggestive aura. The huggies are free to move but they will not swing.

Each crescent stud is distinct from the other; this asymmetry works to its form.

The crescents have a curved polish that reflect light within like a green pool. The smaller crescent is also a deeper green; both crescents approximate an imperial green.

There are many jade earrings but there aren’t many that uniquely show how jade too can strike its contemporary pose. This is the reason we made these.

The crescents are 14mm and 11mm.

Please enjoy these while we have the perseverance to make little luxuries the luxurious way. There’s nothing like this anywhere, which makes it worth our effort.

This is the pair you will receive.

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