Orange Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring Antique 20k


20k antique Chinese gold ring set with an orange pink sapphire in a diamond cluster.

The 2ct orange pink sapphire is a very unique colour, approximating padparadscha colour. Because the latter is such a modern desired colour spectrum, let photos do the talking 🙂

The diamonds are early rose cut diamonds, all hand cleaved with uneven facets and a primitive roundness.

This ring is 1900s or older. All stones are natural.

It is an excellent example of a Straits Chinese ring that is uncannily like a Georgian ring, yet these very style-specific pieces do not surface often at all.

The back of its bezel and its spilt shoulder reveal gold work similar across Georgian and early Victorian rings. The centre stone and side stones are set in a shared bezel, beautiful to look at even from the back.

Everything from the form of the ring to the proportion of its stones bear resemblance to Georgian rings. If it wasn’t for its Chinese hallmark, it will hard to tell.

This ring is so lovely in its age and wonder; its story says so much of how jewels travel on the East-West route, physically and influentially.

Please have a look at the earrings that came as a set.

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