Why Shop With Us?

Why shop with us

Attractive Layaway Plans

< SGD2500 (USD1800):
Make a 50% deposit, and then pay the rest in 4 weeks.

> SGD2500 (USD1800):
Make a 50% deposit, and then pay the rest in 8 weeks.

For higher priced items, we can negotiate longer payment plans.

See our FAQ page.

Overnight Shipping

If you dread waiting (especially if you’re shopping from the other side of the world), DHL Express Worldwide delivers packages overnight. Your purchase will ship like it came from the next state!

Our best record was when we shipped a pair of earrings on Friday evening and the package was delivered in Washington Monday afternoon.

Period Authentic

The experience of history and study is what distinguishes us from other jewellery dealers. We extensively research every piece we sell, rarely from the perspective of jewellery alone, but from cross-cultural studies. Jewellery is but one part of culture, and culture is only the recorded part of complex relationships.

We like to think that we are passing on this “outsider” knowledge to you and that a 3-way conversation (Us – The Object – You) happens with every piece we sell.

Independent Gem Lab

We work with an independent gemologist (GIA Alumni Association) and jewelry appraiser to identify our gemstones. This is to avoid any conflict of interest and to ensure utmost trust between our customers and us.

We also test every jewelry item for gold purity using the GemOro Auracle tester.

See our FAQ page.

No-Questions-Asked Return Policy

We uphold a no-questions-asked return policy.

Sellers are shoppers too. It’s not a nice feeling to be stuck with something you don’t like, especially jewellery.

See our FAQ page.

Lifetime care

We take care of every item we sell for life.

See our FAQ page.

Gem Gardener

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