The Store in January 2018

Ten years into business and still things go where they want. They seem to move around better than if I were to insist.


Before I collected anything I was already collecting ‘containers’. I would find a container for each thing, sometimes each thing must be grouped with a few other things. All things had to go to a ‘home’. Which means we pretty much spent all our money on containers for a good five years. We never had any savings. They were all spent on containers.


One day after many years I could shop at my own home. I had collected enough to have a choice to use this or that. It’s also the stage if you don’t stop you begin to hoard. By this time I was also a little tired of moving things around.


Lucky for us even things broken during shipping wanted to be useful. In the years I spent acquiring containers we’ve also learned how to repair broken ones. Around this time I realised I now know the difference between containers and being contained. I’m not entirely sure I know how to explain this, but I think one is useful and one is not. Some belong to the past; they have no wish to look into a future that is uncertain.


One realisation follows another. Things I want come to us so directly we have to believe they are indirect! I prefer to know I am part of something I only know half of. Each day I expect surprises, so I make them, here, there, once I get enough sleep.


There is a very famous local confectionery located opposite us. Day time the shop looks like it is contained, persevering. Night falls and the shop becomes a container, the premise of so much history, hard work, and secrets!


There is also a tasty noodle shop opposite us. We eat there when we have half an hour, also when we have all week. Both noodle shop and confectionery have observed us, day or late. Their verdict seems unanimous. We are the youngest, as they were once.


Once, many years before Gem Gardener come into being, we called our store then ‘I Never Promised You A Rose Garden’. Oh, the irony of it. Then we couldn’t afford so made our own signage and simply stuck it over the light, the whole long name! That was more painful than paying for it. We can now pay but we won’t pay for something just because. Anonymity is a freedom that is a friend to create and to live creatively. I did not say creativity.


Gem Gardener is a hoax. Because there are two of us and only one of us is one thing at any one time. We come together as Gem Gardener, at all times. Thankfully.


Tell you a secret. We hated having a signage so much we just settled for ‘Cinematic Bespoke Jewellery’. That didn’t do anything except let us indulge in our own neon-lit fantasies, and for that useful only at night when no one is around! If you’ve every walked around a street or mall emptied of people, and you love it, you will understand our fantasy. And our stubbornness to be out walking that lonely road. Farthest only when cycling.



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