18k Natural Jadeite Jade White Gold Ring


18k white gold ring set with a natural jadeite jade cabochon.

The jade is Type A, spanning 1.5cm by 1.1cm, with an interesting change of depth in its colour in and away from light.

When there is direct light, the jadeite takes on a bright imperial green (see first and last photos). When away from direct light, the green is a medium green.

We set this ring in a historical style to take advantage of its high dome. The jade cabochon feels very tactile and is manifested by its East West setting. You can run your fingers through its contours.

All the ‘teeth’ you see not only serve as tiny prongs but are set with small diamonds all around. White on white, this takes away the brashness of the ‘teeth’ but does not add to or detract from the jade stone.

This is a very fine starter jade ring, not at all shabby near jade snobs, and suitable too if your only piece for life.

There is only one piece like this.

We will size the ring according to your ring size after your order.

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