18k Sugarloaf Blue Sapphire Ring Cocktail


18k ring set with a 6.07ct natural blue sapphire cut as a sugarloaf cabochon.

The vivid blue of this Sri Lankan sapphire is not lost through its cabochon shape, in fact, the sugarloaf cut traps the natural inclusions and depth like in a waterfall.

The sugarloaf cut has a very metaphysical air in gemstones, especially when pyramidal proportions are cut big enough to admire shape and colour. It is distinguished from a gemstone set in a typical pyramid or point ring in that its contours are rounded and not sharp.

The blue is a darker cornflower blue, and in this sugarloaf sapphire, our eyes look at colour without facets, picking up the depth of the sapphire and observing its colour spectrum as a whole.

The longish sapphire is housed in an Arts and Crafts inspired design, without usual prong work but root-like ‘stems’ all around the shoulders that extend for half the band.

The sentiment is designer flair, but bohemian, artsy, not so much abstract or modern.

The length of the sapphire is offset very thoughtfully in a bulkier mount. The effect this has is again to hold the stone majorly, to display the colour and depth of its blue as if a gadget or toy!

Spanning 13mm by 8mm, the stone alone takes a fair bit of attention. Yet this is one of those cocktail or statement rings balancing splendour and restraint, polished yet organic.

With certification papers.

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