20k Antique Diamond Chandelier Earrings Chinese Jewelry


Antique Straits Chinese diamond earrings set with old cut diamonds approximating 3ctw.

These earrings form the period jewelry of this region, where the gold is consistent with that period, a rosy yellow despite its 20k high karat gold. The color of the gold is one way we authenticate the age of some pieces, useful when the jewelry has not been re-plated. This is especially true of superbly crafted jewelry which persists in its quality and needs no replating over time.

Set in the chandelier style, except smaller hence not as dramatic, the appeal in this pair must be its delicate form. Each side spans one finger’s width and is only 5.5cm long.

All diamonds are set on tiny individual bezels (51 bezels! with 57 diamonds on each earring), a technique typical of Chinese jewelry of this region, which allows the impression of pushing upwards the small stones. The diamonds are set to mimic dense splendour, giving maximum shine in a compact space. Somehow the ability to contain so much bling in a small package makes this pair "miniature" chandelier earrings.

Because the diamonds are individually set, these earrings have a graceful movement, with top and bottom-most parts freely moving.

While there are many modern spin-offs or vintage tributes, earrings of old glamour are fast disappearing. Ornate designs seem to be more easily available, while contained decorum in chandelier earrings is really not a given.

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