Antique Chinese Jade Charm Bracelet 22k


22k antique Chinese gold bracelet set with 6 natural jadeite jade pieces carved into peach charms.

This is a youthful bracelet, worn by younger unmarried women, from the 1900s until the ’50s. Jewelry tended to be chunkier afterwards.

The peach charms are about 12mm tall, mostly mint green with splashes of apple green. This is a beautiful colour of old jade.

The gold work on the chain is small, deliberate work. Its whole length is handcrafted, with a soft bell and gold heart at each end.

Peach is a Chinese symbol for luck and love of course.

These charm bracelets used to feature in everyday old Straits Chinese jewelry, but it is very rare to have them come up now. The harmony of whim and delicacy is what makes these old Chinese charm bracelets so beguiling.

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