Antique Chinese Jade Stud Earrings 20k


Antique jade studs set in 20k.

Early jade studs come to us as and when, and they sell out quickly. Do you wonder why?

The natural jadeite is without say Type A, made during a time when we do not worry about color intervention (treatment 1970s onwards). But that is not the only reason.

Early jadeite were selected in a spectrum of jade colors, ranging from pale mint to dark green, without the modern obsession over standards such as "apple", "imperial", "ice" jade green, or stubbornness over uniform striations.

I feel it is this un-market led choice that gives the old jade studs we find their organic beauty and timelessness, in turn suggesting a sense of freedom when one chooses to wear these over modern cut jade.

This pair has a higher dome (than the other jade pair in the photos), with thicker prong work.

Studs are 7mm across, with screw back ear posts of course.

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