Antique Rose Cut Diamond Stud Earrings Chinese


1900s Straits Chinese diamond studs set with rose cut diamonds in 20k.

These are very early rose cut diamonds, hand cleaved with clear facets and all imperfectly round.

It is not common to find these primitive rose cut diamonds to be so clean and white. The middle rose cut in each stud is a thick diamond 🙂

These traditional ear studs are of Peranakan heritage, hand crafted with tiny bead prongs that are impossible to hand set today (our diamonds would fall off done like this today).

The difference between early rose cut diamonds and later rose cut diamonds (even modern ones) is an organic beauty an artistic eye immediately knows.

When worn on the earlobes the feeling is quite hard to explain – luxe but not bling.

The studs come to 11mm each, with solid screw back ear posts.

Also in this video: 20k Rose Cut Diamond Bangle

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