Chinese Enamel Flower Pendant 22k Vintage Antique


Mid-century Chinese gold pendant set in 22k and enamel pretty as a picture!

These colours are not common to Chinese enamel, which makes this pendant almost one-of-a-kind. If you hunt around, you will understand what I mean 🙂

The gathering of colours render the Chinese pendant a miniature painting, housed within a detailed scalloped gold frame. If this pendant was bigger (and squarer), it would become one of those screens placed in chinoiserie styled rooms.

The frame is not totally flat. The leaves and flower are slightly raised and this could explain the ‘picturesque’ effect.

I also point out this joyful pendant is rather big (approx. 2.5cm). Besides the usual length wearing it medallion style will work stylishly too.

The pendant bears a Chinese hallmark but it has faded with time.

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