Hand Cut Rose Cut Diamond Earrings Antique 20k


Late 19th century Straits Chinese earrings set with natural diamonds in 20k.

These diamonds are hand cleaved, much like rose cut diamonds except they are even more organic in form, their facets more primitive.

These early diamonds have natural inclusions, since they were treated like any other precious stones rather than the special status diamond convey.

Yet these inclusions are hidden by the uneven facets so well, the facets forming the early way stone cutters knew how to make gems shine. Bear in mind these hand cut diamonds were cut the way they do to shine in the dark, with low light, rather than to shine like modern day diamonds.

It is this raw beauty that makes this pair very similar to Georgian earrings set with hand cut diamonds. You may also have seen Victorian earrings with rose cut diamonds that look so much like these Straits Chinese pair. East or West, it is hardly surprising since all these diamonds originated from India!

These Straits Chinese earrings are identical to French dormeuse earrings, so comfortable they are called sleeper earrings.

This is a petite pair, lovely because of its age and a reminder that diamonds are beautiful unfettered. Loving hand cut diamonds is characteristic of our bohemian sides, well, from knowing so many who do!

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