Jadeite Jade Donut Lariat Necklace 18k


18k subtle lavaliere set with a natural jade donut and accented with diamonds.

This necklace is hand-built from scratch, by us, in Singapore, a product of our love for Asian-influenced Victorian jewelry.

We say this is a “subtle lavaliere” because the Victorian lavaliere has by now evolved into various versions of the lariat or Y-necklace. If you are familiar with antique jewelry, you will recognise its influence in this necklace. And if you are well versed in Victorian jewelry, you will know much of Victorian jade-themed jewelry had its influence in Chinese jewelry.

We bring back the jade donut in its Western representation, please enjoy this scholarly love of ours.

The donut is Type A jadeite jade; it is from a very old piece of jade circa 1900s.

The colour is not a modern fascination with the vividness of jade, but rather an icy pale green with natural striations on one side of the donut.

This pale green shows up very differently with low or bright light, appearing in different lighting conditions as if with a blue hue. This is due to the translucence of the jade.

Two small diamonds sit along the chain and the necklace is shorter than usual, at 14 inches. This necklace design is meant to hug and accentuate the neckline at your clavicles.

If you prefer it slightly longer, we can extend it.

This is the necklace you will receive, not another.

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