Pastel Pink Sapphire Stud Earrings 18k WG


18k white gold stud earrings set with a pair of natural pink sapphires.

The sapphires are a pastel shade of pink, a pale tinge against the shiny white gold. Each sapphire is about 3.5mm but set in a 7mm bezel that manifests it size.

In the old days, stud earrings had a substantial gold weight. In this sense, when you wear these and look in the mirror, you can fully see where the gold ends and where the stones begin. Most modern studs are cast and lose this distinction.

The pastel sapphires have a gentle aura – although they are prong set your eyes do not notice the prongs. The secret beauty of old Chinese stud earrings may be due to the fact they are set tall to push out the stones.

The traditional screw back pierced ear posts are made very elegantly, with Art Deco ear posts.

The gold around the sapphire is pinched, the setting is described as ‘basket’ style since the round sapphires are carried within square bezels. This gives the illusion of a square cut.

These stud earrings were handcrafted in a period before the ’60s and of Straits Chinese origin. Our post colonial history is reflected in the striking East-West influence of even ear studs…

Its charisma is thus more than how well made they are.

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