Rose Cut Diamond Drop Earrings 20k Antique


Antique small chandelier earrings set with natural diamonds in 20k.

Part of Straits Chinese jewelry art, these diamonds are hand cut, an early version of rose cut diamonds. In the West, these diamonds are usually regarded as rose cut diamonds.

These diamonds set in open work gold are very cleverly set, not with prongs but with tiny bead work that varies from diamond to diamond. Each earring is a lot of tiny work but it is graceful craftsmanship that makes each pair wear weightlessly.

The elegance of Peranakan gold jewelry is thinly pierced openwork, where the filigree can only be brought alive by clean white diamonds, the raw edges regarded as part of the appeal of an ‘organic’ rose cut.

This pair feature a ribboned top that dangles down a second part, with a drop diamond at its heart.

The feminine shape of this pair is very delicate, with diamonds sparsely applied in what is essentially a petite pair of drop earrings, or miniature chandelier earrings.

For those of you wondering about the East-West difference in old hand cut or rose cut diamond jewelry, here is an article that may be of interest.

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