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Diamond pendants, vintage jade pendants, platinum chains, and 22K gold pieces. A jewellery store run by magpies. In Singapore, ships worldwide.

Authentic antique Chinese jewelry and antique rose cut diamond jewelry that reflect unique East West & South East Asian influences. Imperial jade, apple green jade, rose cut diamonds in high karat gold. Vintage jade rings.

Antique fine jewelry from Asia & beyond. Our pieces reflect a distinct East meets West aesthetic. High karat gold, antique Chinese jade jewelry, and antique rose cut diamond jewelry.

VIEW I: As a bee gathering nectar does not harm or disturb the colour and the fragrance of the flower; so do the wise move through the world.
From ‘A Dhammapada For Contemplation’
One piece of jewellery can never equal a whole stack of memories.
But one little hope frames the flame.
The fire in small things?
A big thing.
Jewellery is almost separable from intention.
It crystallizes some big ideas into a pinhole.
Doubt the motive, not the jewel.
Antique gold jewellery & antique rose cut diamond jewelry – fine jewellery from Asia and beyond. We are bench jewellers. We are artists. We have run a business for 11 years, since 2006.
Before jewellery we have worked with clothing, lamps, miniatures, objets d’art and the common thread through all our work is history, curiosity, and hard work.
We source stones and we get stones cut. We build our own jewellery; we draw, we forge; we do not cast.
As antique and vintage jewellers, we are hardly experts but we are nonplussed, knowledgeable and pedantic, in that order.
In our other life, we juggle craftsmanship and gemstones hopefully with an art.
Yet our love stays with the memories that elude us. Jewellery is only one part.

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US shoppers will not have to pay any tax when purchasing fine jewelry items from Singapore. This is due to our free trade agreement (FTA) with the US. The FTA applies across all states in the US, so take advantage of this :) Dismiss