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February 15, 2021

Humankind can only bear so much reality - T.S. Eliot
I am inspired endlessly by Prospect Cottage. The idea that one can grow a garden in a hard place, swept down, and again.
I've been meaning to ask you
How did you find us?
Can you see a pair of cranes?
If literature travels Time and art occupies Space...
Dreaming while awake, how does it count? I am moved by this.
There is music asking the same questions
In the path through the woods
Manifesto in hand
Carrying fruit (not flowers)
Don't wake me
From this desire
My window, my mirror
World Savage Studio August 2020
Hope is a splendored thing

You can’t tell, but in the day there’s so much light that comes in from this window. All the other units in the building have curtained this light off, so the building from the road looks forgettable.

From downstairs, you can look up and see we are the only ones who worship this light.

So much that when night falls, we replace this light with the ones we insist. And I painted windows when we couldn’t build any. For the lamps, I tell myself.

The things we do as a human being living as a city dweller is an interlude to the kinds of life we will bridge between our consciousness and unconsciousness. 

I always look downstairs to see if anyone noticed, night or day. I doubt. 

But it is not doubt that will stop the hope of an artist dumb from a lard-like faith.

How else to speak?