gem gardener, us
This picture sums us up quite well.

Hwee Yee

I like computers, dogs, cats, small fish, plants, building things, cooking, riding around on my bicycle, collecting random bits of information, reading instruction manuals, tools, old diamonds, and breakfast.

I don’t talk much but when I do it’s usually too loud. I should probably talk more and attenuate.

I always thought I would end up working in an office at a desk with a small plant I replace every two weeks because it keeps dying from too much water or too little.

I’ve been very lucky so far.


I like quiet, nature, running, routine, books, music, art, craft, making things, Peanuts, buying things, small objects, surprises, vending machines, baguettes, and local delights.

I always expect surprising and impossible things because they are neither surprising nor impossible to me.

Everything I do comes from this same place inside. In this place, many things have to happen before one thing can happen in reality.

In some Chinese stories, an hour in Heaven is equivalent to 50 years on Earth.

I am not in Heaven.