Rose Cut vs Brilliant Cut: Types of Diamonds

Types of Diamonds: Rose Cut vs Brilliant Cut

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Can you see which are hand cut diamonds, and which are calibrated?

Calibrated or Organic?

Rose cut vs brilliant cut? Let’s talk about hand cut diamonds first!

The nature of hand cut diamonds means they are uneven and as close to raw diamonds as you can get, without actually being uncut. In a certain sense, they are similar to Georgian era, very simply faceted hand cut diamonds of the Western world.

While some insist on the brilliance of diamonds, there are many who prefer an ‘organic’ look.

Like rose cut diamonds, hand cut diamonds do not shine in the predictable way calibrated diamonds do. Generally the lesser the facets/cuts, the more you can look right through the diamonds. This means it is not true only inferior quality diamonds get cut into rose cuts or organic cuts. The fact the diamond is more visible means it makes more sense to use or set diamonds that are clean for the organic look to pull off well.

Diamonds in Old Jewellery

For antique or old pieces of jewellery, they were set a long time ago when the valuation of diamonds was not like today. Hence it is more useful to consider how white or clean these organic cut diamonds are, instead of their carat weight or cut.

Here it must be added sometimes it is not how ‘white’ a row of diamonds are but how they are lined up with the same intensity. Old jewellery may not have very white diamonds (again because the standards were not the same as modern day) but the finer pieces are valued for their matched intensity in colour (matched though not necessarily white) and fire (the stones have equal shine ie. not one duller or more vivid than the others). In this sense, whiteness is less important than the idea of diamonds that appear seamless in a row.

Increasingly with the market offering diamond ‘alternatives’ – in natural stones such as white zircons (this is not the same as cubic zirconia!), moissanites and white sapphires, and in lab grown diamonds – you can get brilliance without the price tag, if all you want is shine and size, well, from a distance.

Generally we note this: the first piece of diamond jewellery is always loved for its shine/brilliance. The second (and subsequent) piece a girl gets is desired for its difference to the first. We observe that the more pieces of jewellery one has, the more she values beauty in non standard terms.

This is human nature, perhaps?

If you know how to see the old in a new way… you are what everybody wants.

For history moves story after story, cycling us like pup-pets!

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