We Sell

Our specialty is in jade and diamonds, with a Straits Chinese distinction. We sell only Type A Jadeite Jade, without exception.

Specifically, natural green jadeite jade and rose cut diamond jewellery, but you will also find Old European Cut diamond and high karat gold jewellery, mostly gathered from this region.

We also have a selection of estate jewellery acquired from collectors, old time craftsmen, and old or big jewellery stores. Our estate jewellery can be grouped into two: decades old, and mint. In both groups, many are handcrafted, either by themselves, or with the use of extravagant technique and/or materials. The latter means it is hard to reproduce or custom make without spending a lot.

We are bench jewellers, so we also put some of our creative endeavours for sale here; these pieces are one-of-a-kind and we rarely make two of the same designs. For our artisan pieces, you will observe a historical vein runs through our designs.  

We Buy

We buy pieces that are of good value, and/or rare, without exception.

How we buy is simplified through our study of stones. We like to buy jewellery set with unheated gems, and we like to buy bigger stones of value.

While we are interested in translucence, we do not strive to look for imperfections, or perfection, in jade or gemstone. Translucence is ephemeral, so is Taste. The balance is what keeps us grounded.

In every case, we buy based on beauty.

If there is something you want to part with, and you think we might like it, please get in touch.

We Pledge

We take care of every item we sell for life.

For international customers, if you are willing to ship a piece back to us, we are willing to help. We refrain from charging a fee for this service, unless the job is complex.

If you live in Singapore, bring the damaged item back to the store, and we will take care of it.

We offer this “for life” service hardly to make money. We offer this service because of the nature of work that we do.

Many pieces of antique jewellery are not serviced properly in modern jewellery stores (unless you have a personal relationship with the store).

Ring sizing is always complimentary, unless the resize is more than two sizes up (as solid gold cost is involved).


We Are

Bridget and Hwee Yee are from Singapore.

We come to jewellery through our eye as an artist.

We relate to jewellery, piece by piece, and more significantly, as part of a whole. In this sense, we encourage our customers to buy pieces with the intention of building a bigger set. Jewellery kept as sets will always weave a story whole.

In our line of work, a principle of solidarity helps us to make our choices everyday. To develop our own aesthetic, against trends, and instead, to provide difference (and surprise) on our road of deliberate, soul-satisfying work.

From the two of us, thank you for supporting small businesses.

You are supporting dreams.