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We are looking for Straits Chinese gold jewellery that you do not usually see in books. In particular, these casual gold only pieces are not deemed luxurious enough to be properly documented in books.

We buy, but only very specifically. Many of these pieces we need for our study of Straits Chinese jewellery techniques, which are fast being replaced by more modern and convenient techniques.

Why sell to us? Because we study them, we remake and we repair them, and we have loved them for a long time.

If not for the efforts of individual clusters like us, Peranakan and Straits Chinese jewellery will always be considered an ethnic pastime, never properly occupying a canon in the history of jewellery art.

Very painfully and slowly, we have collected and saved many pieces from being melted down, rarely with the intention of selling them. 

It feels like we have a project in the making, but we don’t know when and how.

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